Branded & Content Partnerships
As a digital influencer and cultural maven, Jacob regularly works with the world’s top brands to create content that will deeply resonate with their audience. Examples of Jacob’s branded/content partnerships include:

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Public, Conference & University SpeakingFrom speaking at Harvard and Princeton to keynoting the Queer Women in Business Summit, Jacob is certain to entertain, enlighten, and embolden every audience they address. As a seasoned public speaker, Jacob regularly offers the following presentations for university, conference, and corporate audiences across the country: 
  • Glitter. Power. Love. A (re)Introduction to Gender: In this powerful workshop, Jacob rebuilds gender from the ground up. Through the combination of brilliant storytelling and analytical prowess, audiences are compelled to reimagine the future of gender as we know it and imagine a world where the spectrum of gender shines free.
  • Beyond Representation: A (re)Introduction to Gender Diversity in the Workplace: Specially tailored for corporate and business audiences, this workshop addresses the specific shortcomings of how we currently talk about gender diversity in the workplace. Through focusing on gender diversity as a qualitative, experiential problem--rather than a representational, statistical one--Jacob pushes audiences to find a framework for gender diversity that calls everyone into a deeper, more personal conversation.
  • Gender Woes: A Workshop on Gender Identity and Self-Care: From cisgender men to transgender women to nonbinary folks, everyone has gender woes, moments when they were told that their gender somehow wasn’t good enough. While we’re all walking around with this baggage, too few of us are unpacking it. Through this interactive workshop, Jacob helps audiences begin to talk out their gender woes, working towards more empathetic self-care
  • Glamorizing Healing: Queer Storytelling Beyond the Trauma: Along with the recent rise in queer visibility and connectivity has come a hyper-focus on queer trauma. From internet culture to the pages of the The New York Times, queer and trans people are often pushed their glamorize their trauma and make it hypervisible in order for our identities to be taken seriously. In this talk, Jacob talks about what it means for queer/trans people to challenge that framework and instead focus on glamorizing something that is too-often deemed pedestrian: healing.

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Producing, Acting, TV & FilmAs a host, producer, actor, and TV personality, Jacob has worked on projects with MTV, Amazon Studios, and NBC News among others. 
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