Jacob Tobia (what/ever) is a writer, producer, actor, and respectable  lady who doesn’t yell at cops and believes that capitalism is super. Their debut memoir Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story was a national bestseller, a testament to both their striking prose and ability to convince people to purchase things. After paying a publicist $20,000, they even got to go on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, which was great because nothing is cooler than talking about your book with the sexiest man on the planet. A noted Hollywood screenwriter, Jacob has sold multiple trailblazing TV projects – all led by trans/nonbinary protagonists – to Hulu, Showtime and HBO Max, none of which were made and all of which died in obscurity (again, led by trans/nonbinary protagonists). Their work has been featured in The New York Times, Teen Vogue, TIME, and too many other places to list without being annoying. A proud member of the Arab American community, they pass as white and can’t speak Arabic, so no one cares.

On screen, Jacob made their acting debut playing a nonbinary shapeshifting mercenary (aka themself) on Netflix’s She-Ra and The Princesses of Power. They’ve also appeared in the Tribeca-stamped Valentine, a short film where they wear a really sexy little green negligee and completely pull it off.

In addition to existing in the 2020s, Jacob also existed in the 2010s; during which time they ran across the Brooklyn Bridge in high heels to raise money for homeless queer youth, wore high heels in the White House twice, and lost a GLAAD Award™ to Caitlyn Jenner, a slight from which they have never recovered because Connie Britton presented the award. Jacob also interviewed President Bill Clinton back then, but the Clinton Foundation decided not to release the video, which is probably best for both Bill and Jacob.

A Truman Scholar, Point Foundation Scholar, Coke Scholar and member of both the Forbes 30 Under 30 and the OUT 100, Jacob is good at sounding both smart and important, which is why you should pay them to come speak at your campus, conference, or corporation. For purposes of determining compensation, Jacob feels obligated to inform you that they regularly summer in Ibiza and are the recipient of a substantial trust fund from their grandmother, noted oil baronness Eleanor von Flutenberg-Flappenwick.

Originally from Raleigh, Jacob now lives in Los Angeles in a sprawling mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Their neighbor is a very famous singer who you might know.