TV & FilmAs a producer, actor, and creator, Jacob has worked on projects with Showtime, Netflix, Hulu, MTV, Amazon Studios, Legendary Entertainment, Entertainment One, and NBC News among others.
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Branded & Content Partnerships
As a digital influencer and cultural maven, Jacob regularly works with the world’s top brands to create content that will deeply resonate with their audience. Examples of Jacob’s branded/content partnerships include:
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Conference, Corporate, University & Other Public SpeakingFrom speaking at Harvard and Princeton to keynoting the Queer Women in Business Summit, Jacob is certain to entertain, enlighten, and embolden every audience they address. As a seasoned public speaker, Jacob regularly offers the following presentations for university, conference, and corporate audiences across the country: 
  • Glitter. Power. Love. A (re)Introduction to Gender: In this powerful workshop, Jacob rebuilds gender from the ground up. Through the combination of brilliant storytelling and analytical prowess, audiences are compelled to reimagine the future of gender as we know it and imagine a world where the spectrum of gender shines free.
  • Beyond Representation: A (re)Introduction to Gender Diversity in the Workplace: Specially tailored for corporate and business audiences, this workshop addresses the specific shortcomings of how we currently talk about gender diversity in the workplace. Through focusing on gender diversity as a qualitative, experiential problem--rather than a representational, statistical one--Jacob pushes audiences to find a framework for gender diversity that calls everyone into a deeper, more personal conversation.
  • That Little Rainbow Wheel: A Processing Space for Gender Rebels: You know how sometimes, when your computer just needs a minute to process what the fuck is going on, it'll flash you that spinning rainbow wheel? Well that's what this is. From cisgender men to transgender women to nonbinary folks, everyone has gender woes, moments when they were told that their gender somehow wasn’t good enough. While we’re all walking around with this baggage, too few of us are unpacking it. As gender nonconforming, agender, genderfluid, trans, and queer people, we got a lotta shit that we don't take the time to properly process. So for this hour-long session, we're going to throw up a rainbow wheel to the world and take some time to let our systems go through it. 
  • Beyond the Binary, Behind the Trauma: Musings on Trans Storytelling: So here's the thing. Visibility for a community is great and all, but it can also be sneaky as fuck. Because along with visibility comes some pretty serious pressure to tell your story "the right way." In this keynote presentation, Jacob will share some never-before-seen passages from their forthcoming manuscript and explore the way that contemporary visibility and The Trans Tipping Point (tm) have influenced trans storytelling. What limits has cisgender curiosity placed on how we talk about our experiences? Whose voices have been silenced in the interest of "the best spokespeople" being put forward? How can we heal from our trauma in a cultural landscape that constantly seeks to commodify it? And what would it mean if we let our messy, ethically inconsistent, gloriously imperfect trans selves shine free?

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